Tan-zebras was formed in 2014 the club was founded as Street Football Club changed its name to Tan-zebras in 2015 by the Planet of Hope Organization which is non government organization dealing with supporting homeless and street children saw the chance to let children together and feel happy in some way.Tan-zebras is a combination of Tanzania and Zebraherde from Duisburg city this name start as the honor to our partner and friends for the big support and effort towards club who sees the big club out of small street football club(think globally act locally) In the course of our action "The World is a Ball", we reported an unorganized Street football team in Tanzania with tricot sets spouts soccer shoes and playing balls. This had consequences the enthusiasm of the players and the team suddenly went through the ceiling. Driven by the pride of wearing MSV Duisburg jerseys, they were spontaneously known as TanZebras FC (Tanzania Zebras Football Club). First, regional cups were played with success. With the help of the Zebraherde e.V. and the donations of the fans of the MSV Duisburg as well as the club came a real team on the legs


Reginal cups


Zebraherde e.v,MSV Duisburg

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